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Electrical & Control Upgrades


Upgrade From VLT5000 To FC302

Plan your upgrade of Danfoss VLT5000 range frequency drive units to FC302.

The VLT5000 range of drives is unfortunately no longer manufactured by Danfoss, best case you may find one on eBay! These drives are becoming harder to find and repair!

Advantages Of the Product:

• Replacement Parts & Drives Readily Available
• Reduction Of Energy Usage
• Improved Speed Accuracy
• Easy To Handle Improved Keypad
• Safety Contact Available

Siemens PLC S5 & S7 Controls Upgrade

S5 hardware devices production was discontinued between 2003 and 2006. S5 replacement hardware devices are becoming very difficult to locate. The component parts inside these devices are becoming harder, if not impossible, to source meaning it may not be possible to repair them.

PLC D800

S7 hardware components are still available, but Siemens' focus is now firmly on their TIA Portal range of hardware components and software environment. The S7 PLC programming environment has now become S7 classic which will no longer be developed by Siemens. The S7 hardware range is now moving into a stage of being phased out due to the move to TIA Portal. Portal will be the natural progression from Siemens S7, as S7 was the replacement for S5.

PC Settings

PCs, Hardware, & Operating Systems

The Lingl operating systems for machinery (MBVL), as well as the process control systems for dryers and kilns (WinCC) are operated on computers with Microsoft Windows operating system. The end of support for Windows NT and Windows XP by Microsoft will result in security gaps on computers with these operating systems.

In particular, PCs which are connected to the Internet should be ported to a current operating system such as Windows 7 or, in the future, Windows 10. Aging PC systems also present a high failure risk which very often leads to plant downtimes.

Lingl Offers Several Update Options:

• Low-Cost Solution By Porting the Application Used So Far To a New PC System Per Virtual Machine or By Software Adaptation
• Upgrade Of All the Pcs In the Plant To the Latest Technology With New Features

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