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Wiring Cleaning Systems & Hoist Drive Fall Protection

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Brick Cutter Wiring Cleaning System

Replace or add a wiring cleaning system to your cutter with a motor driven wiring cleaning system.

Advantages of the product:
• Safe wire cleaning with an increase operation cycle time.
• Greater control applications, reducing component build parts.
• Reduced maintenance levels and costs.
• Flexible and convenient adjustment automatically adjusted to product size (MBVL preset).
• Reduced running energy costs.

Wire Cutter
Fall Protection

Hoist Drive Fall Protection System

Add a fall protection system to your existing hoist application.

Consider the risk of a hoisting application losing the holding brake causing it to uncontrollably fall. The effects could be very costly and time-consuming to rectify. The higher risk would be personal injury to a machine operator or maintenance team member. The fall protection system can be retrofitted to an existing hoisting application with minimal impact upon the machine and the outage time in production taken for it to be installed. The system ensures that you are protected against lengthy production stoppages due to equipment damage, whilst offering a means of safeguarding against personal injury to machine operators or maintenance team members.

Paper & Veneer - Suction Systems

The new gripper arrangement is equipped with suction chambers specifically design for their applications with new air controls designed for a more flexible arrangement.

Advantages of the new system compared to conventional gripping suction systems. Safe operating sequences and high plant availability due to the fact that even veneer with its irregular surface (e.g. cracks or knotholes) are pick up better. If paper or cardboard or veneer boards are all used, the new suction system technique is capable of switching between all the formats which may be used in a production process.

Suction Gripper