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About LIS

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Located in Kernersville NC, LIS operates in two lacotions, the main office & a warehouse/storage facility.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional quality, competitiveness and customer service. The team at LIS consist of US employees, supported by Lingl Germany and Lingl UK technical specialists and electrical contractors, knowledgeable and experienced in working within the industry to back up our commitment as and when required.

Carsten Wohlers - General Manager

With more than 30 years of experience in equipment manufacturing, sales, and support, Carsten provides the focus, assertiveness, and problem-solving skills when overseeing the LIS sales and marketing and service efforts and the day to day operations.

Carsten Wohlers

Melanie Wohlers - Customer Service Manager

Being the first point contact for our customers, Melanie provides on a constistent basis the reliable answers and consistent order management. With a personal touch she seeks out the opportunity to deliver more than just a standard service.

Melanie Wohlers

Eden DePryck - Office Administrator

Eden is key to LIS, ensuring all the background admin tasks are kept up to date and in order.

Eden DePryck