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Planned Maintenance & Process Control Services

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While servicing always represents a cost, the economic argument for it is irrefutable - it's always better to undertake regular servicing than risk extended downtime or expensive repair. Different plants require different schedules - where are you now, and where do you want to be? We can assist you in making a transition.


Maintenance Options:

Reactive Maintenance - In short, "run it till it breaks".
Preventive Maintenance - Actions performed on a time- or machine-run-based schedule.
Predictive Maintenance - Differs from preventive maintenance by basing maintenance need on the actual condition of the machine rather than on some preset schedule.

Planned Maintenance

Lingl experts are available to attend site and carry out a full analysis of the existing plant performance resulting in a detailed recommendation report. Planned maintenance & service visits can be tailored to meet the requirements of your plant. The period of the scheduled visit or visits can be a one-off or set out across a yearly period. We will work closely with you to assess and meet the level of support which you need.

Our highly experienced service team of process engineers, electronics, specialists, and mechanics can provide you with comprehensive service. The servicing plan is always tailor-made to optimize your machine assets and delivered in the most efficient and cost-effective way for your business.

General Production Equipment Serviced/Maintained By Mechanical & Electrical Engineers:

• Setting Machines
• Unloading & Packaging Machines • Kiln Car Transport Systems

Kiln & Dryer Process Equipment Serviced/Maintained By Process & Electrical Engineers:

• Burner Firing Controls • Process Control Analysis & Adjustments

LINGL is a certified Fanuc-System contractor with more than 700 Fanuc Robots operating Worldwide in our plant installations.

Advantages For Letting Lingl Take Care Of Your Robot Service:

Apart from the excellent robot service itself, our technicians will also check, highlight & repair peripheral items such as grippers etc. Our technicians know your environment & requirements and how the robot integrates into the LINGL MBVL control system.

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