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Travel Driver Carriages & Toothed Belt Replacement


Travel Drives

Travel Drive Carriages

Modification of travel drive carriages from steel to Vulkollan or Lauramid wheelsand from rack and pinion drive to a direct or belt drive transmission system.

Advantages Of Changes:

• Substantial Reduction Of Cost for Maintenance & Wear
• Increase Positioning Accuracy Of Travel Drive Carriage
• Significant Reduction Of Noise Level

Toothed Belt Replacement for Chains

Replacement of chains to toothed belts for transmission system applications and transporting brick.

Advantages Of Changes:

• No Stretch & Therefore Always At Optimum Power Transmission
• Clean & Dry Transmission System, No Oil or Grease Lubrication Required
• Reduced Maintenance Levels & Costs
• Increase Accuracy When Transport & Positioning Brick
• Precise Control for Transmission Applications

Tooth Belt
Gear Box

Gearbox Transmission Systems

Due to the reliability, availability, and the economic impact of old Flender gearbox system failures we recommend a move to modern SEW systems as a replacement.

Replacement Low-Cost Modifications Offer the Following Advantages:

Increased Reliability
Efficiency Gains In Machine Operation
Reduced Maintenance Levels
Future Proofing Machinery